About Steve

Silicon Valley & The Far East

I am a business strategist and creative technologist. I got started down the path of technology twenty years ago in Silicon Valley. I learned how to apply a mix of behavioral psychology and economics in order to design digital products that create economic value from frictionless human-computer interaction. In more recent years, I have honed my skills to help customer-centric companies leverage data-driven design for revenue optimization. I have designed products for startups, governments and Fortune 500 companies. I have also consulted the likes of Sony, Telenor, United Nations, and the governments of Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Health & Wellness

In addition to technology, I am extremely passionate about health and wellness. I enjoy applying the same design principles and systems thinking I learned above to human physiology in an effort to optimize inputs and outputs that drive optimal wellbeing. This approach came to me easily as it fits quite well with my experiences in mindful mediation. Ever since graduate school I have been a meditator. I took a deep dive into meditation starting in 1996 when I attended my first ten day silent vipassana meditation course in Kyoto, Japan.  Since then I have practiced insight meditation regularly and attend retreats whenever I can in Thailand, Nepal and California. I am certified in HRV (Heart Rate Variability), widely recognized as a key biomarker for optimizing stress and the autonomic nervous system. I am also a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified nutrition coach and offer personal optimization coaching services on a limited basis. Contact me if interested!

Let’s Connect!

Have a question or have something you would like to discuss? Great! You can drop me a note at hello [ at ] stevedashiell [ dot ] com, or connect with me on InstagramTwitterFacebook, or Linkedin.