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Revenue Optimization Done For You

Is your e-commerce store or SaaS business falling short of your revenue goals? Have you spent a lot of time and money on your online business, but haven’t taken the time to optimize it?

Perhaps you are being pulled in 10 different directions and simply don’t have the time to test, measure and optimize your business to its full potential. Its leaking revenue. You’re getting killed on mobile. And you know it could be performing at a much higher level. So you blindly throw money at design changes hoping and praying it will solve the problems.

The only way to know if a marketing strategy will work or not is to consistently test it and measure the results with careful analysis of key metrics and data collection. With 20 years of design experience, I have revenue optimization down to a science. I will identify where your site is leaking the most revenue and provide optimal solutions to get you the wins you want. I apply an evidence-based, data-driven approach that takes the guess work out of important design and marketing decisions so that you know precisely what changes will produce the most conversions with the least amount of risk.

What I Offer

Less headaches and a peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands with evidence-based revenue optimization.



Data-driven Strategies

You’ll receive actionable reports that include recommended strategies and roadmaps for increasing revenue per visitor based on key quantitative and qualitative data.



Evidence-based Design

We’ll run multiple tests per month on your site, each of which is backed up with research focused on one and only one goal: revenue generation. We integrate any winning tests back into the site. Rinse and repeat.



Optimized Revenue

Each month we’ll analyze the data to assess our progress and determine what should be done next to boost revenue per visitor, lower customer acquisition costs and increase your online profits.

Checkout my workflow: a step-by-step process for making you more money.

There are two phases in my 6 step process. The first phase focuses on an initial analysis and the second phase focuses on testing. Phase 1 is for one month and is a one time occurrence. Phase 2 repeats every month for a minimum of 3 months.

Phase 1: First Month

Initial “One-Off” Month

  1. Analytics
    • Let’s measure our success

Analytics Health Check

First step is understanding your business model and customer targets so that we can define the goals, funnels, and metrics to track. Next, we make sure your Google Analytics is set up right and all key business metrics are being tracked properly. This is critical for measuring our success. 

90% of analytics configurations we come across are broken one way or another.

    • Let’s identify revenue leaks

UI / UX Audit

We will perform a heuristic evaluation on your site focused on keeping your customers moving toward conversion. This includes checking for bugs, browser rendering errors, layout consistency across screen sizes, the mobile user experience, cart & checkout conflicts, navigability of the site, and many more.

    • Let’s make improvements

Initial Report

We’ll write up a comprehensive, research-focused teardown of your existing marketing pages that identify usability flaws and obvious 1-off design changes that will address your site’s most glaring revenue leaks.

Phase 2: Following Months

The following steps are repeated each month.

  1. REsearch
    • Let’s identify the problems

Research & Insight Gathering

As we move into phase 2 of the project, we take a deeper look under the hood by gathering quantitative data to assess where the problem areas are on your site. We also gather collect user behavior data to asses what the problems are and why they are occurring. Next, we synthesize the data and build a strong hypothesis on what changes to make that can be objectively tested and validated.

  1. Testing
    • Let’s validate the solution

Testing Design Changes

Based on the hypothesis formulated above, we implement design changes that we can run A/B, Split and Multivariate tests on to understand if those particular changes can yield higher conversion rates and more revenue per visitor. Length of tests vary but run at least one week to get statistically significant results.

  1. Report
    • Let’s learn what works best

Actionable Monthly and Quarterly Reports

Each month we will deliver a report that includes progress on the most important business KPIs, insights on what we learned, evidence-based design changes to be tested next, and a CRO roadmap for campaigns and activities to driver further revenue growth.

How do we get started?

Want to take the first step towards a higher conversion rate & AOV? Please send me an email briefly describing your business and top revenue performance problems. I’ll reach out to you within one business day. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day.

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