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About Steve

Hi, I’m Steve Dashiell, a tech entrepreneur, self-taught designer, and world traveler. I have a deep passion for innovation, technology and peak human performance. I was raised in the US and currently split my time between California and Thailand. I have the personality of a deep thinker, according to the Flow Genome Project, and Myers-Briggs seems to have me pegged as an INTJ. As a result, I feel most fulfilled when I am helping conscious driven organizations and entrepreneurs actualize their purpose. You can learn more about me here. I’m on a mission is to help 1 million people live better this year. To achieve this goal, I am focused on helping like-minded organizations market and grow their business. I can help in three ways:

Market Strategy

I help design business models that drive new revenue growth by increasing buyer value.


I help founders hit their revenue and profit goals by designing data-driven monetization strategies.

Product Design

I help design customer experiences that provide defensible competitive advantages.

Strategic Creativity

“Steve represents a unique combination of business strategy and creative talent,  a combination I often seek yet typically cannot find in talent for many of the portfolio companies I work with. I highly recommend Steve and always look forward to working with him.”


– Trapp Lewis, MD Palmetto Ventures



Design a Blue Ocean Strategy


Today’s leaders face a constantly shifting array of strategic challenges. Disruptive technologies appear with little notice. New competitors and customer demands challenge incumbent business models. The skills that worked in the past are often not ones we need to thrive in the future. Since unpredictable is the new normal, and the ability to adapt, a necessity, how do leaders guide their organizations to make winning strategic choices?

As a business designer and strategy consultant, I apply scientific principles and design thinking methodologies to help management teams create new businesses that generate exponential revenue by asses­sing, innovating and implementing new value propositions and busin­ess models. A few selected projects include:

Data-driven Monetization

Nearly  75% of all new products and services miss their revenue and profit goals. Don’t be a statistic!



Price It Right


What is your pricing strategy? Are you hitting your sales and revenue goals? If you are like most companies, you probably aren’t. Pricing is one of the most important aspects of product innovation yet it is often put on the back burner until after a new product or service has been built. I use a practical, nine-step approach for monetizing innovation that can be applied to any organization. The key is to start with pricing first, than build a product around what your customers are willing to pay for. Sell them what they want.

Product-Solution Fit

I help design business models that drive new revenue growth by increasing buyer value while reducing costs.

Product-Market Fit

Apply WTP data to build the features customers are willing to pay for in your product, and then validate market fit.


Sold Out Product Launches

“Steve is one of the most creative people I’ve known. Whether it’s strategic planning or product direction, he is an innovative thinker and talented designer with integrity and character beyond reproach.”


– Kelly Tompkins, CEO AdventureLink



Give Customers What They Want


With over 20 years experience in designing and marketing software products, I have well-honed skills in applying product launch strategies with agile software development methodologies to rapidly and scientifically validate product-solution fit. I use a proven step-by-step formula for leveraging customer data to design, build then launch new products into the market.

These days I am soley focused on bring products to market that help people live a better life either through health, wellness, and education or some other aspect that improves the human experience. Recents projects include:


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